An ‘artist’s map’ of Ireland, in the form of a drypoint print and a digital frieze,  in response to the major themes – history, culture, landscape – presented by the Irish Pavillion for the World Exposition, Expo 2000, Hanover, Germany
Client: Department of Foreign Affairs / OPW
Architects: Murray O’Laoire Architects, Orna Hanley Architects

A map is a multi-layered, coded narrative, which can: represent (re - present) thoughts, ideas and stories accumulated over time. A map can be constructed as a way of considering not only spatial relationships, but also issues of personal, historical and cultural identity.
A dense drawing constructed from a multiplicity of drawn marks and viewpoints, plotting a fraction of the multifarious activity centred on the Irish coast:( invasion, banishment, massacres, immigration, emigration, trade, travel, exploration, exploitation, fishing etc. ) on which contemporary Ireland is built, and which informs the continuing debate on Irish culture and identity today.)

For further information: ‘Coastline’ by Jim Savag. See Texts