‘Fit to Print’

an Interview with Brian McAvera

Irish Arts Review, Summer, 2014

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Extracted from the Summer 2014 edition of the Irish Arts Review. The Irish Arts  Review is Ireland's leading art and design publication. Selected articles and further details are available on www.irishartsreview.com

'Dave Lilburn'

Judith Hill,

Irish Arts Review, Autumn, 2011

‘A Rocky Road Exhibition Guide’

Sean Lynch

Catalogue essay, 2011

‘Walking Drawing Making Memory’

David Lilburn

Walking Drawing Making Memory: A Ballynahinch Sketchbook’, Lilburn, David, Occasional Press, 2010, an edited version of ‘Walking Drawing Making Memory’ published in ‘Drawing Texts’ ed. Savage, Jim, Occasional Press, 2001

‘In Full Flight: David Lilburn's Maps and Monoprints’

Jim Savage

Catalogue essay, 2007


Jim Savage, 2000

‘A Prospect of the Artist’

Jim Savage

Catalogue, The Usurpers Habit 1999

‘The Usurper's Habit’

Ciaran O’Driscoll

Catalogue, The Usurpers Habit 1999

David Lilburn ‘

Aidan Dunne

Catalogue, Homeground, 1991

‘Line's Odyssey’

Ciaran O’Driscoll

Catalogue, Homeground, 1991

‘Printing with a pencil’

Jim Savage

Catalogue, Homeground, 1991

‘Andiamo Passiagare’, Palazzo della Penna, Perugia, Italy, 1994

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