‘Coastline’, 69 x117 cms


In Medias Res

A suite of seven intaglio dry point prints

Client: Office of Public Works, commissioned for ‘James Joyce and ULYSSES at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin
Architect: Orna Hanley

 ‘In medias Res’ is comprised of seven drypoint prints which together form a map of a large part of Dublin and its environs which include the areas of the city that feature prominently in Ulysses. Constructed from a multiplicity of drawn marks and viewpoints, packed with references to the topography of Dublin and to plot fragments, characters, anecdotes, conversations, historical events and classical allusions all mentioned or implicit in the text. The work enables the viewer to orientate himself or herself within Dublin as it appears in Ulysses and as it is today and to follow the routes taken by various characters in Ulysses as they crisscross the city throughout 16th June 1904.

Tabula Press, publisher of ‘In Medias Res’, www.tabulapress.ie