Loop Bridgeh108 x w66 cms

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Loop Bridge

The river Liffey at the Loop Bridge divides this print, showing on the north side the Custom House Quay and the area surrounding Connolly Street Station. South of the river the print encompasses Pearse Street, College Green, Kildare Street and Merrion Square. Well known buildings and landmarks include Leinster House, seat of Dáil Éireann, the National Gallery of Ireland, Windmill Lane, the site of U2’s former recording studio, Mulligan’s Pub, All Hallows Church and Sweny’s chemist, visited by Bloom, which is still trading today.

The ‘Oxen of the Sun’ episode in Ulysses‚ set in Holles Street Maternity Hospital and marked on this map, parodies many different literary styles. In relation to this, the seven prints refer to a number of different drawing conventions. This is particularly evident in
this print.

 Phoenix Park      The Quays                  O'Connell St.    Loop Bridge     Eccles Street           Coastline                             Howth