Eccles Streeth84.5 x w111 cms

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Eccles Street

This print encompasses the area in Dublin from Glasnevin Cemetery in the north west, the scene of ‘Hades’ in Ulysses, to Connolly Station (formerly Amiens Street Station), and ‘Nighttown’‚ reputedly the largest red-light district in the British Empire and the location for Bella Cohan’s brothel in the ‘Circe’ episode, in the south east. Included among the references to Ulysses are No. 7 Eccles Street, the fictional home of Leopold and Molly Bloom  (now the site of the Mater Private Hospital) and Bloom on his way to buy a kidney at Dlugacz’s butchers and returning to No. 7 with Stephen Dedalus from the cab-man’s shelter.  There are a wide variety of drawing styles including cartographic ‘quotes’ and extracts from 19th and
20th - century maps.

 Phoenix Park      The Quays                  O'Connell St.    Loop Bridge     Eccles Street           Coastline                             Howth